6 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1071 – 1073

  1. por fin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Llegamos a otro “Plano Superior”
    Ahora quiero Un super Pack. Peros solo pasara si me desconecto del mundo de Novelas durante algunos meses. (Imposible)

  2. I just look at Novel Update for info on this novel and I see that this novel had 8000+ chapter and still not finish…… Sorry for an rude question, how long and how many chapter will translate? Be honest….. I think I will drop this novel after 3000+ chapter cause it’s too long!!!! How many year can I wait to read all this novel if the chapter been translate like this speed…. 😭😭😭

    1. I never have high aspirations for any book that goes on for that long. I find that authors tend to run out of ideas come the 5th or 6th mega-arc. (We are just entering the 3rd, the cultivation realm.) But it has been an amazing read so far. (Thank you translator.) Here’s to hoping it continues to be this good indefinitly.

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