BTFTLIAW – Chapter 977

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Chapter 977 – Wolf Fang Mountain Is Yours

Bluewell smiled faintly and said, “Actually, everyone has been deceived by the mountain’s outside appearance. I’ve analyzed Wolf Fang Mountain and discovered that we wouldn’t need too much money in order to transform it. Compared to its geological value, the cost could practically be ignored.”

Zhao Hai asked, “Deceived? Tell me.”

Bluewell answered, “As you know, I’m quite the ambitious person. And just like the opportunity you gave me, I also looked for opportunities in Wolf Fang Mountain. In the end, I’ve reached an astonishing conclusion. Wolf Fang Mountain isn’t as awful as it seems on the surface.” After he said that, Bluewell took a blueprint from his bag, then he laid it down on the table.

Zhao Hai glanced at the blueprint and found that it was a map of Wolf Fang Mountain. Moreover, this map was a bird’s-eye view.

Bluewell pointed at a dot on the map and said, “Mister look. Although the structures of Wolf Fang Mountain looked chaotic, but in fact it followed some rules. If we remove some stones from this place, clean it up and build our factory, we can establish a pathway here. This way, Wolf Fang Mountain would become a proper location. We don’t need to care about the other rocks.”

Zhao Hai looked at the place Bluewell pointed to. At the same time, he tried to picture it inside his head. He found out that if they clean up the rocks that Bluewell pointed out, then a factory would be constructed in Wolf Fang Mountain. The remaining rocks wouldn’t provide any obstructions whatsoever. On the contrary, they would become natural decorations for the factory.

Zhao Hai turned to look at Bluewell and said, “Alright. How is the money? Is it enough? If you lack money, then don’t hesitate to approach me.”

Bluewell smiled and said, “It’s enough. You don’t have to worry. At this moment, Wolf Fang Mountain is yours. I bought Wolf Fang Mountain under your name. The entire mountain only cost us 100 thousand gold coins. It is too cheap.”

This caused Zhao Hai to raise an eyebrow, he looked at Bluewell and asked, “Why did you buy the entire mountain?”

Bluewell smiled and said, “Mister, you don’t know but there is a regulation in Yanking City which states that those who buy land here would have tax concessions. Also, once our company develops in the future and others see it, what would happen to Wolf Fang Mountain? But since we’ve bought the entire mountain, they would have no way to come here anymore.”

Zhao Hai nodded, Bluewell had thought this matter through, then he said, “Then let’s do it according to your plan. Remember, if you need money, don’t hesitate to ask me. Alright, let’s head back. You go take a good rest. I’ve already left everything about the factory to you. I don’t want you to be exhausted. When that time comes, I would have a hard time finding someone to replace you.”

Bluewell smiled faintly and didn’t say anything else. To be honest, the recent days have been the most tiring he’s ever had. However, it was also the happiest days in his life. He finally found an opportunity to use his abilities. This feeling made him feel intoxicated.

Zhao Hai looked at Bluewell’s expression and smiled, “I have nothing else to say. Men aren’t like women. Being overly caring about you would be too excessive.”

It might be unthinkable, but these few words could already express Zhao Hai’s concern.

Zhao Hai was such a person. He already settled on Bluewell and didn’t want Bluewell to disappoint him. Because of this, he would naturally care for Bluewell’s health. After all, Bluewell wasn’t from the Ark Continent. His cultivation wasn’t as advanced as Zhao Hai and the others.

After the group returned to their hotel, Bluewell proceeded to leave. On the other hand, Zhao Hai returned to the Space. This was because Cai’er just told him that the O’Neal family had began to make their move.

Zhao Hai sat on his sofa while looking at the O’Neal family army in the monitor. The O’Neal family’s army could be described as a mighty wave of iron and steel. Their war tanks and cannons were travelling end to end. Not to say about the Winged Pegasus, even the Divines would feel pressure in face of this army.

When he saw the O’Neal family’s army, Zhao Hai actually smiled. Then he turned to Laura and said, “What do you think? The O’neal family’s army is starting to move. How long do you think the Winged Pegasus would last?”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “I reckon the Winged Pegasus garrison wouldn’t be able to defend the spatial rift for even a day. You should be aware of how strong the O’Neal family’s magic armors are. A magic armor army could face a Divine Supreme Elder with their combat suits on. Additionally, the O’Neal family also has their war tanks and powerful cannons, all of them are capable of strong attacks.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, keep a comprehensive record on the O’Neal family’s actions. We’ll take a look at it and see how strong their army truly is.”

Cai’er complied. For Cai’er, taking record was a very simple matter. As long as the made intention with her mind, then it was already enough. But as for the analysis of the O’Neal family’s army, Cai’er wouldn’t be able to do it, she would need the Universal Scanner’s help to do so.

Zhao Hai looked at the O’Neal family’s army and made some calculations. Then he said, “Alright, they should arrive at the Winged Pegasus Clan’s defensive line by tomorrow. Let’s go take a rest and see how it plays out after we wake up.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “Alright, I also want to see how the O’Neal family plans to attack.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I’ll also head back to the Space and see what how Guli and the others are doing.”

After receiving Guli and the others, Zhao Hai asked them to lead all of the undead in the Space. What surprised Zhao Hai was the fact that they didn’t dare to make commands towards Qinfeng and Mingyue.

Zhao Hai knew Qingfeng and Mingyue’s identities, he just didn’t know how strong they actually were. Apparently, they’re powerful enough that the ancient undead couldn’t command them.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t take this to heart. It didn’t matter whether Guli and the others could command them or not. As long as they are loyal to him, then it’s already fine. Besides Guli and Jiang Zheng commanding the undead, Kampala was with Charles researching magic formations. After looking at Kampala’s appearance, it seems like he was also entranced by research.

Then Zhao Hai went to the Hell Space to see Guli and the others. Since they had good experience, they were able to easily adapt to life in the Hell Space. The environment was the same as the Underworld, so cultivating here would be similar to cultivating in the Underworld.

Zhao Hai also asked Guli and the others if they had something else they wanted to do, or would they be like Kampala, researching magic formations. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to do anything else.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t force Guli and the others. In fact, what these undead wanted to do was to cultivate. For Zhao Hai, this was also good. The stronger they are, the more advantageous it would be for him.Therefore, Zhao Hai had no reason to disagree.

Everything looked very normal, Wild Dragon Island’s research was also progressing smoothly. Because of this, Zhao Hai felt great relief.

The next morning, Zhao Hai and the others got up early. Today, they didn’t stay inside the hotel. Instead, they rode their RV and went outside. After finding a place with little people, they stopped and then entered the Space. They were going to see a play.

Before long, the O’Neal family’s army train could be seen. It was quite obvious that they had stopped for the night to take a rest. This morning, they would be able to arrive at the Winged Pegasus Clan’s defensive line.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and said, “Let’s call Shan and tell them about the situation. Let them prepare.”

Laura nodded, then she took her messenger fish out as Zhao Hai said, “Shan, Shan, can you hear me?”

Shan’s voice was quickly heard, “Mister, I can hear you. What do you need?”

Zhao Hai held the messenger fish as he smiled faintly and said, “I don’t have anything I need, I just want to tell you that by 9 o’clock in the morning, the O’Neal family would arrive at your spatial rift. You need to prepare well.”

Shan went silent for a while, then after some time he said, “Alright, Mister. Rest assured, I know what to do.”

Zhao Hai gave an affirmation before he took his messenger fish down. Then he turned to Laura and said, “Laura, do you think that me not helping the Winged Pegasus Clan is the right decision? Why do I feel that Shan’s mood sank when I hung up?”

Laura nodded, “It’s true. But Brother Hai, you don’t have to worry about it. You should know the situation with the Winged Pegasus Clan. If you help them all the time, then they won’t be able to learn.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “This is their last opportunity. If they still hesitate, then I’m afraid I’d have to give up on them, including Shan.”

Lizzy suddenly interjected, “Big Brother Hai, I think we should also tell the situation to Fei’er and the others. In any case, we could probably trust them now.”

Zhao Hai though for a moment before he shook his head, “Forget it, let’s not tell them for now. Even the Demons don’t know much about the secrets of the Space.”

Lizzy nodded and didn’t say anything else. As for the secrets of the Space, the less people know, the better. Although these people were already inside the Space and couldn’t leave, Zhao Hai still needed to keep the Space’s secrets to his own.

Sure enough, just like Zhao Hai said, the O’Neal family arrived at the Winged Pegasus Clan’s spatial rift at about 9 o’clock in the morning. The huge army’s advance caused dust to fly dozens of meters in the air. Naturally, it was impossible to hide their movements from the garrison troops of the spatial rift. All a sudden, the atmosphere of the defensive line turned anxious.

The O’Neal family also didn’t intend to hide their advance. They knew that they couldn’t approach silently. Therefore, they made a huge approach towards the defensive line. Instead of being silent, they might as well exert the strongest pressure they can!


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