BTFTLIAW – Chapter 976


Chapter 976 – The Underworld’s Three Big Powers

Kampala looked at the spatial rift before finally deciding to enter. And just as they entered the spatial rift, the Space immediately issued a prompt!

In fact, Charles talked a lot with Kampala because he was allowed to by Zhao Hai. And Zhao Hai also agreed in order to get Kampala and the others into the Space.

Zhao Hai initially wanted to use the Space to directly absorb them. However, it did not succeed. The Space sounded out saying that Kampala and the others were intelligent lifeforms and cannot be forced.

Although Kampala and the others couldn’t be directly absorbed into the Space, they could be deceived in entering. As long as they enter the Space, and by the fact that they were undead, the Space could immediately subdue them.

Sure enough, when Kampala and the others entered the Space, the Space immediately issued a prompt. This prompt was nothing more than the detection of special robots and things like subduing them. Zhao Hai discovered that even if the Space said that they were subdued, then this didn’t mean that they would be fully subservient. This was probably a type of law present inside the Space. Being its own independent space, it had its own laws that would always cater to Zhao Hai’s needs. Anything unfavorable to Zhao Hai couldn’t exist inside.

As Kampala and the others surrendered to the Space, Zhao Hai immediately took them into the Space’s villa. Upon entering the villa, Kampala and the others immediately gave Zhao Hai a salute, “We’ve seen the Young Master.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he waved his hand. After doing that, something about Guli and Jiang Zhen changed. Guli grew flesh, blood, and skin; turning himself into a powerful robust man. On the other hand, Jiang Zheng’s flesh and blood turned into a normal person’s. His skin radiated as though it was ancient bronze. His stature was very thin, his fangs and nails shrank. He looked more like a ordinary man. Meanwhile, Charles and Kampala kept fluttering in the air.

Zhao Hai smiled at the three and said, “Sit down and tell me about the situation of the Underworld. I truly want to deal with the man in the Dark Temple.” Then he turned to Kampala and said, “Kampala, what you said about the Underworld, is it really as you say?”

Kampala nodded and said, “Yes Young Master. If we look at the surface situation, then there are three forces in the Underworld. The first one is the Dark Temple which is now the master of most of the Underworld. Moreover, they’re not just thinking about the Underworld, they are also planning on invading other planes. They’re very difficult to deal with.”

“The second force is us. What people call us is the Rebel Army. We’re resisting the rule of the Dark Temple.”

“The third force is the one Charles and the others belong to. They’re know as the Free Alliance. They are a loose alliance of people who do not want to participate in the war.”

Zhao Hai got to the point, “How many are you in your group? Now that you are in mine, would they disagree? Charles, you too, you’ve been with me for some time. Will the people of your group look for you?”

Kampala shook his head and said, “Young Master can rest assured. Our group is basically a simple collective. We only exist in form and category. Nobody commands anyone and nobody is anyone’s subordinate. It’s probably because of this that we are no match against the Dark Temple.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That’s good. Later on, bring your men into the Space. If you want to practice, you can do that in the Hell Space. If you don’t, then I can arrange for what you want to do. At this moment, I don’t have the time to deal with the Underworld. After I deal with everything else, I will head to the Underworld.”

Kampala nodded, “Alright. Young Master, the spatial rift to the Ark Continent is located inside my territory. Because of that, others are still unaware of it. If the people from the Dark Temple see it, they will definitely attack the Ark Continent. You need to make preparations.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured. As soon as they appear in the Ark Continent I will make sure that they wouldn’t be able to return. Kampala, you go out with me first. Call your people over to enter the Space. After that, you can decide on what you want to do.”

Naturally, Kampala didn’t have any objections. And this wasn’t because he was obeying Zhao Hai right now. Even if he was asked this question before, he would still not hesitate to agree. He missed the life before the war. A life like that was what he always wanted.

Just as Kampala said, the spatial rift was placed in his domain. All of the undead here were his subordinates. With one command from Kampala, all of the undead entered the Space.

Upon seeing these undead, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be startled. There were human-shaped undead as well as beast-shaped ones, the human-shaped being the majority. Moreover, their strength wasn’t bad, the number was nothing to scoff at either. This was out of Zhao Hai’s expectation.

But after taking the undead into the Space, Zhao Hai immediately put them back and let them roam around the dark mist. This way, once the other forces notice the spatial rift, Zhao Hai would be informed.

.Kampala already told Zhao Hai that the undead creatures of the Underworld were very sensitive when it came to the Dark Mist. Although there were a lot of Dark Mists in the Underworld, as long as it expands to the Ark Continent, the other undead would eventually find out. When that time comes, they would surely come.

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about this matter. He had Kampala’s people go back into the Dark Mist just for monitoring. They weren’t there to block the enemies from attacking the Ark Continent.

After taking care of Kampala’s matter, Zhao Hai returned to Yanking city. Bluewell was still busy with the factory so Zhao Hai was currently idle. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t have any matters to attend to after returning.

During the day, Zhao Hai brought Laura and the others all throughout the city. They bought everything they saw that was interesting. As for the remaining time, they made sure to understand the underlying matters of the Atlanta Plane. At the same time, Zhao Hai was also paying attention to the Winged Pegasus Clan’s situation.

Soon after the O’Neal family discovered the spatial rift to the Winged Pegasus, they began to act. However, it was clear that the O’Neal family were being very careful. They didn’t immediately begin their attack. Instead, they made sure to have everything prepared before they commence.

Zhao Hai didn’t find anything wrong with the O’Neal family’s movements. Everything was under his expectations. The better they handle things, the more pressure the Winged Pegasus would feel.

Time unknowingly passed for three days. On this day, Zhao Hai just had his breakfast and was preparing to leave with the ladies. But then, Bluewell suddenly arrived. Bluewell was dressed nearly. Although his eyes were blood red, his hair was combed well and one could see the vigorous energy coming from his body.

Upon seeing Bluewell’s appearance, Zhao Hai immediately said, “What happened? You seem to be very happy.”

Bluewell passionately nodded as he said, “Yes Mister, I’m very happy. The company’s registration went very smoothly. Presently, the company has been registered.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That’s good. The next step is to choose the location of the factory. Do you have any ideas?”

Bluewell smiled faintly and said, “I’ve already chosen a place. Although it would need a bit of effort to set up the place, it would be a good location once everything is done.”

Zhao Hai smiled and replied, “Alright, let’s go and have a look at it.”

Bluewell nodded, then he led Zhao Hai and the others to leave the hotel. Zhao Hai didn’t let the hotel arrange a vehicle for them. Instead, they rode Zhao Hai’s RV towards the southeastern part of Yanking City.

Before long, Zhao Hai and the others reached the outskirts of Yanking City. At this place, a river flowed through Yanking City. The surface of the river was very wide and it was the most important aquatic location of the region. It can be said that Yanking City’s big factories were centralized nearby this river, taking full advantage of its transport capabilities.

Zhao Hai went all around the city in the past few days, so naturally he was well acquainted with this river. He even rented a ship and went upstream. Although it was for the sake of playing around, it also doubled as a tour to see the factories in the city.

One has to recognize that the factories of Yanking City were really good. After a few days of observation, Zhao Hai was sure that these factories were working for the O’Neal family, producing a large number of magic armors for them. Parts of magic armors as well as energy converters were going out of this place. All of which were very important for the O’Neal family.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t make a move on them. The O’Neal family still had great use for him. Even if he wanted to deal with the O’Neal family, he would have to wait until later on.

After seeing where Bluewell was taking him, Zhao Hai gently furrowed his brow and said, “Bluewell, are you leading us to Wolf Fang Mountain?”

Wolf Fang Mountain was located south of Yanking City’s East District. It was different compared to the densely forested mountains. Wolf Fang Mountain was famous as being a huge chunk of stone. Moreover, it had a strangely structured stone forest that interlaced with one another. Although the mountain was on the edge of the river, it would take a lot of resources before it could be used.

Bluewell nodded and said, “We’re heading towards Wolf Fang Mountain. Moreover, I’m planning on opening our factory there.”

Upon hearing Bluewell, Zhao Hai knit his brows, “I have seen Wolf Fang Mountain. If we want to transform the mountain, then wouldn’t we need to pay a lot of money?”


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