BTFTLIAW – Chapter 974


Chapter 974 – So We Cooperate

After hearing Zhao Hai saying this, Kampala couldn’t help but be embarrassed as he laughed and said, “I’m really sorry Mister Zhao Hai. You should know that I’m already old, I have a lot of things to talk about. I apologize.”

Zhao Hai sighed and waved his hand, indicating to the Lich to continue. Kampala immediately followed up, “We found this new land, but there was nobody here. In any case, this didn’t have anything to do with us. All we need is a new place where we can safely live in.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Then you’re lucky. Moreover, there’s no need for my help. The Ark Continent is huge. You can seize it for yourself at any time. There’s nobody here, so you can do whatever you like.”

Kampala smiled bitterly and replied, “We thought like that in the beginning. But then we thought that something was still wrong. We can hide here for a while, but not for long. After all, our enemies still exist. They would be able to discover this place sooner or later. And when they come out of the spatial rift, we would have no other place to escape to.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he also thought about this point. Kampala and the others weren’t stupid. Although this seems easy to think about, most people would overlook this point. They would rather enjoy the safety of the moment rather than think about the incoming future danger.

Then Kampala said, “But what we didn’t expect was Mister taking a batch of Lich with him and agreed to transfer them to another place. For us, this is great news. But unfortunately, after Mister took the group of Lich, you vanished from sight. This caused me to be disappointed.”

When Zhao Hai heard this, he couldn’t help but stare. Then his expression changed as he asked, “Mister Kampala, how did you know that I took a group of Lich with me?”

Kampala proudly replied, “The answer to Mister’s question has to do with the Lich Race’s abilities. Although the Lich don’t have physical attacks, our spiritual force is very strong and we’re the most skillful in using it. When Mister received the Lich, they passed this information over to me. Therefore, I came to know about it. I’ve waited at the place where Mister appeared for a long time. It’s a pity that Mister didn’t appear again.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he suddenly frowned and said, “Wait, Mister Kampala. There’s something wrong with what you said. The Lich I took last time seem to be born with memories. According to you, they should not be in your side. They said that there was still peace in the Underworld, yet you said that there is fighting. What is going on?” Zhao Hai’s eyes were cold as he looked at Kampala.

Kampala sighed and said, “For those people, the Underworld is certainly peaceful. Mister, in the Underworld, not all undead with memories are bad. Some of those undead chose to have an ordinary life. Therefore, they formed an alliance and chose to take a neutral stance in the war. They also took care of other undead who chose to not participate. And since they are strong, no side wants to provoke them. I have a relationship with those Lich that Mister took in, so they decided to tell me the news.”

Zhao Hai nodded, this reason was justified. Then he said, “Mister Kampala, how do you want to cooperate with me?”

Kampala looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, we want to ask you to provide shelter for us. I don’t know if Mister will agree to this?”

When he heard this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, “Mister Kampala, this doesn’t seem to be a cooperation? Does this cooperation just involve me providing shelter for you?”

Kampala smiled awkwardly and said, “Mister. In fact, in the beginning, we want to work with you to deal with those undead. However, we also know that Mister wouldn’t want to wade in those turbid waters, so we didn’t bother asking you this. If Mister accepts us, then it can be regarded as cooperation as well since we will be working for you.”

Zhao Hai gawked, then his expression turned strange as he looked at Kampala, “Mister Kampala, I want to ask why you’d want to work with me to deal with those undead. Do you think I would have that ability?”

Kampala nodded and said, “I believe you have the strength. When you and Old Bones fought last time, it’s clear that you weren’t going all out. Meanwhile, Old Bone used his whole strength. Also, when you took those Lich, I sensed that your ship isn’t normal. The Lich who had a relationship with me even said that he can feel the aura of the Divine Realm from that ship. Because of this, I felt that Mister has the ability to deal with those undead.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t think that those Lich that he took were this sensitive. It seems like the Lich were truly skilled in spiritual force, it wasn’t just an exaggerated fact.

When Kampala saw that Zhao Hai was staying silent, he couldn’t help but feel uneasy. He was really afraid that Zhao Hai would refuse him. Zhao Hai looked at Kampala and slightly smiled, “What would happen if I cooperate with you in dealing with those undead?”

Kampala was startled by what he heard, he stared for a moment before he said, “Mister, are you saying the truth? Will you really help us deal with those undead?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and replied, “Right. I want to help you deal with those undead. What do you think? Do you agree?”

Kampala, Guli, and Jiang Zheng looked at each other and could see the surprise on their eyes. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to agree to dealing with the enemy undead.

Kampala looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, why would you want to help us deal with those undead?”

Zhao Hai just smiled and said, “It’s nothing special, I’m just interested in that Dark Temple. I want to see the person behind the scenes.”

Kampala stared, he looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Mister, are you serious about this?”

Zhao Hai slightly smiled, “Of course I’m serious. However, we need to plan this matter carefully. How about we have a few of your friends over and then we’ll discuss. What do you think?”

Kampala asked, “Mister, how are our old friends? Are they doing well?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “They’re doing very well. They’re currently enjoying their time researching magic formations. Except for researching, they don’t need to do anything else. There are no battles, they’re living comfortably.”

Kampala stared at Zhao Hai for some time before he finally said, “Can I see them?”

Zhao Hai knew it’ll come to this point, so he said, “I need to talk to them first to see if they’re willing to come out. They’re currently immersed in their research.”

Kampala lightly frowned and said, “Studying magic formations? Are you sure?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “They aren’t researching ordinary magic formations. Mister Guli should be acquainted with those iron-men. He met them when he came out last time. Those metallic beings are driven by ordinary people and they use complicated magic formations. It’s very deep and mysterious. I had the Lich research those formations. Since the research isn’t easy, they finally found something interesting to do. Because of this, they immersed themselves and placed massive amounts of time towards research. They’ve already reached quite far in their study.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Kampala couldn’t help but nod. Back in the Underworld, the undead simply had nothing to do. If they don’t busy themselves, then they would bore themselves out. In the past, even Kampala was looking for something to do, otherwise he’ll die of boredom.

On the other hand, Guli paid great attention to what Zhao Hai said about the magic armors. He clashed with the O’Neal family before. Although he didn’t suffer any losses, he also wasn’t able to overpower the enemy. Guli’s recollection of that battle was still very profound.

Zhao Hai looked at the group and said, “Everyone, please wait a moment. I want to see if they’re willing to come out.”

For Kampala and the others, time was something they didn’t lack. So they nodded before Zhao Hai’s body flashed back into the Space.

Judging by what he heard so far from Kampala, they didn’t want to be his subordinates. Just like the Thunder Clan and the others, they want to maintain a cooperative relationship with Zhao Hai. However, it was not to the point of being Zhao Hai’s subordinate.

Because of this, Kampala wanted to see the Lich that Zhao Hai took into the Space. However, one must know that those Lich submitted to Zhao Hai. They were willing to become Zhao Hai’s subordinates.

What Kampala didn’t know was that Zhao Hai didn’t like cooperative relationships. For these ‘partners’, Zhao Hai would not be afraid to be impolite. He would certainly make plots against them to make them his own subordinates. On the other hand, regarding his true subordinates, Zhao Hai would give them the same respect that a friend deserved.

When Zhao Hai entered the Space, Laura and the others immediately welcomed him. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Brother Hai, do you really want to deal with those new undead? From what I could hear, the one behind the Dark Temple should be someone from the Culitvation Realm. If that person isn’t Lu Wei, then we would make more enemies in the Culitvation Realm.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I know. Actually, I just said that in order to settle their hearts. After they enter the Space, things would be easier to discuss. And to be honest, I don’t want to ascend in the Underworld. It simply isn’t a good place. They only use dark energy. Also, the one who controls it wanted the undead to kill each other in order to get strong subordinates. Such person wouldn’t be a good friend. If we ascend from there, even if we don’t go against him, he would still fight us. Don’t forget, the ascendants from the Underworld are chosen by that person. Whether he can stop us ascending or not is still left unknown.”


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