BTFTLIAW – Chapter 928 – 934

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I’m back II: Electric Boogaloo

Here are your chapters:

Chapter 928 – You Think The Divines Are Stupid?
Chapter 929 – Dealing With The Cancer Clan
Chapter 930 – Sagittarius Clan’s Magic Formation
Chapter 931 – Firm Like A Rock, Unmoving Like A Mountain!
Chapter 932 – Cursing Before Death!
Chapter 933 – Order For Arrest!
Chapter 934 – Attitude Decides Destiny

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5 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 928 – 934

  1. This is crap, this is crap. tara ra ta rà!
    and there are still morons who give patronage to only have 5 or 8 cap every 10 days if it is not sick, diarrhea, fever, is lost in an isala or that the fucking varco or provide service.

    1. So fucking true! Everything start well but after 1 year it’s come to this. WTF! at last make some consistency!!!

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