21 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 879 – 881

  1. Hahaha that brazenness. hahaha less bad I stopped giving him money since noviembe last year. It’s no longer worth it: Hahahaha.
    I propose an uprising in all the sponsors so that they stop paying, and to see if it returns again to the offered in the patreon.

  2. I don’t think you’re reaching your release goal anymore for a while now.

    I’m not a patron, but my word still means something, right?

  3. Does everyone notice?
    Because he IS “Lightning Fast Bullshit”!

    Lightning = the early period, mass release.
    Fast = consistent release, until around Summer last year.
    Bullshit = here you go, promise not fulfilled.

    😀 😛

    [Copied from previous poster]

  4. drop the novel. you’r the worst translator i’v ever known bitch. making shit every release and you can’t even keep up with the loss. other translator doesnt make excuses but they keep up with there unmissed releases. and you? you’re worst. release the novel. the other translator can do way better than you.

    1. wow. calm down. It’s not like he kidnapped your kid.

      And just saying, If MW is the worst TL you know, you must not read much. Other than that, Just because someone is translating a novel, doesn’t mean that no one else can. If someone else wants to translate it, they will. If MW wants to drop it, he will.

    2. That’s a bit to much if you don’t think he’s doing a good job why don’t you try translating as well? Even if he only posts something once a week he’s at least uploading unlike other translators out there. I’ll agree I think he’s also in the wrong because there’s people paying him to post more and he promised that he’d upload at least 14 chapters a week. If anything he should be apologizing to the people that actually payed him and he should also take more responsibility and keep his word or change his goal. At the same time we should be great full that he’s also posting the chapters for free (even though their late) on this website. If you don’t like him or the work that he’s doing then there’s a simple solution stop reading this novel…..

    3. Well, Well one of does I dont pay i think is shit still reads complains and instead of moveing on will still be here for other chapter releases

      1. My Shenaninese a little rusty, but it roughly translates to: “Well, it looks like he’s one of those ‘doesn’t pay, complains, yet keeps reading instead of moving on to something else’ kind of guys.”

  5. Ok. Next round of guessing is now open. The question is, when will the next chapters release gonna be?
    1. I’m feeling lucky-Saturday!
    2. Meh…Sunday
    3. Err..Monday?
    4. Nope…Tuesday
    5. I dun care

  6. Since the flameing stared again ill just drop my opinion here aswell … First of all .. not just patreons pay mw .. i mean he got ads on the site and stuff .. if he doesnt get money from that its his own fault but the argument u dont pay dont talk is shit, secound, eventhought we are giving him money its not his job giving us something .. u can hurt him/remind him by just stop using the site for a month or somthing like that (i just dont check every day atm) but i think as long as he gets suport he does better than people who literally lost all followers . Third .. im pissed like everyone else the scedule didnt change in the last half year .. i would like it a lot if mw would just chang it so we wouldnt w8 for not coming updates all the time .. but he is still a good translator and frankly there are novels with month of no updates, so the only thing you really can complain about is his promisses he ignores , everything else is still good

  7. All I know is :
    1. He got a gf.
    2. Releases drop dramatically and are spotty afterwards.

    Hypothesis: Pussy whipped?

    I mean my brother has been ever since he got one. It’s so bad that he spent all his cash, maxed his cards, and moved to another state. Something about love just makes some people pants on head retarded.

    Truly sad that hormones can do such a thing.

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