BTFTLIAW – Chapter 871 – 878

I’m alive!

I actually forgot to post the first four chapters last Saturday >.<

Anyway here are your chapters:

Chapter 871 – Technomagic Civilization
Chapter 872 – Everyone Is Busy
Chapter 873 – The Atlanta Plane Invades
Chapter 874 – Plan of Research
Chapter 875 – The O’Neal Family’s Turning Point
Chapter 876 – Turbid Waters Are Good For Catching Fish By Hand
Chapter 877 – Huge Rebellion by the Vassal Races
Chapter 878 – Fighting another Ultimate Weapon!

Happy Reading!

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  1. Well, gentlemen, do not check the page until Monday, since the man will be hurt by the modem and they will not fix it until Monday and he went on a trip.
    A wonderful lunch is going to be differed by the $$ of the XD patreom ….

  2. I love the work you’re doing but not having a normal scesched release is killing me 😭😭 not knowing when you’re going to upload or when I open this page to check because I get excited because I feel like you uploaded but once I check there’s nothing there 😭

  3. Does everyone notice?
    Because he IS “Lightning Fast Bullshit”!

    Lightning = the early period, mass release.
    Fast = consistent release, until around Summer last year.
    Bullshit = here you go, promise not fulfilled.

    😀 😛

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