BTFTLIAW – Chapter 865 – 870

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Had these chapters pile up since I can’t be arsed to edit -_-

Here are your chapters:

Chapter 865 – Not Short On Money
Chapter 866 – Devil Legion’s Mount
Chapter 867 – Biggest Worry
Chapter 868 – Gold Ben’s Plot
Chapter 869 – Divine Race’s Huge Problem
Chapter 870 – Axe Island Shipyard

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42 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 865 – 870

  1. I think we will sink quickly, it was an achievement to follow this novel:
    Had these chapters pile up since I can not be arsed to edit -_-

    1. Not like he didnt hold his plan for like 2 month or something .. i just dont get why he doesnt just change the goal if he cant meet it anyways ….or change the releses from planned dayly to every secound or something …

  2. Todos los días viniendo a revisar y nada…
     く/・〝 ⌒ヽ
      | 3 (∪ ̄]
     く、・〟 (∩ ̄]
     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

  3. Sigh,Sigh,UmI expecting chapters today when did the scedusch get so messed up? Before it was 2 chapters per day

  4. That’s the meaning of getting a girlfriend. You can forget about your old way to live with her. So expect abandoning of this series or at least the rate of release: 1 chapter per week/month

  5. good if you see in pantheon, you will see that it is updating for sponsors, but not for free. I guess it’s a campaign to increase the number of sponsors.

  6. Like what? He was gone for an entire week and he only translated 6 chapters?Before he used to do two chapters a day that was 14 chapters a week now he only does half of what he used to do and okay he might be busy but he has 136 patreons they all payed to get 14 chapters a week along with 12 end of the month bonus release so in my opinion I think he should stick to his word

  7. Guys could you please relax about this?
    He might me busy with some other stuff. Just chill and wait for the chapter, they are coming eventually.
    Because some of you are really disrespectful.

    1. I dont mind him postphoning the chapters since i havent paid anything but i think to sustain the user of his site (who are giving him ad income) he could and should talk more about why it is late or when we can hope for more chapters because if i need to check every day and nothung comes .. ill just stop reading this novel … its sad but well wouldnt be the first novel i stoped eventhought it was a nice read .. other point .. those chapter will not come … he stopped the counter like 2 month ago because there was no way he would ever catch up with it (Officially he didnt want to stress himselfe what is okay with me but well .. since then he got a lot behind scedule and never gave boni…. ), but well if he thinks he can sustain it like he does now he has to cope with pissed readers and even if some of those arguments why they are pissed are wrong .. the feeling still came from some circumstance on this site

  8. Ofcourse they are angry.. They have every right to be angry..they paid for the chapters.. How would u feel when you buy an item online and it doesnt show up in your door step in the next 3 days?

    Now you tell me???

    1. Thats pretty common now a days, and if they are angry, they should post it on his patron, and not come here where all this is anonymous.
      I have not paid a single penny for thesse chapters, so I have little right to say anything about his methods

  9. It’s been a week now with no release! At least give us the date when you do the releases! So we don’t have to hope for chapter eceryday

  10. OMG I woke up this morning thinking there was a update because I had a dream that he had uploaded 10 new chapters at once and I was really exiexci because I thought it had actually happened last night when I was still half asleep but when I woke up and checked there wasntw anything 😭

  11. it seems to still update on his patreon, so i’m guessing he’s either too busy to post it here or something.

  12. Thanks for all the chapters that I read without paying anything.
    For those who are pissed or whatever, don’t you have a life? If you don’t, please come. I’m selling some

  13. i hope the translator is fine and something just came up in real life that has him busy instead of something like him or a family member being in the hospital.

    but ya i agree with the guy above there is 2 many people out there that bitch and complain too much, i mean seriously do they have nothing better to do? like say going to work? or maybe getting a job? or even maybe reading something else? i mean in the first place this guys is awfully generous normally if people want more then just 2 to 5 chapters a week the translator makes them pay for each and every extra chapter and this guy normally does like what 2 a day when he is active sometimes even 4? i swear everyone in modern day society is turning into crybaby’s i mean there is something called patience why don’t you learn to have a bit?

    i have seen story’s go on hiatus for months before the translator has time to pick it back up lol maybe you should all be hoping that doesn’t happen here instead of complaining and perhaps by doing so making the translator just decide its more trouble then its worth and dropping it permanently.

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