BTFTLIAW – Chapter 854 – 860

Happy New Year!

I got hit with holiday laziness >.> slept for an entire week! Jk but i mostly slept

Anyway, here are your chapters:

Chapter 854 – Foreign Races Appear
Chapter 855 – Arrogant Foreign Race
Chapter 856 – A Place to Train In
Chapter 857 – Shock!
Chapter 858 – Ultimate Weapon!
Chapter 859 – Nibbling at the Taurus Continent
Chapter 860 – I’m Quite Disappointed

Happy Reading!!!

14 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 854 – 860

    1. Like what? He was gone for an entire week and he only translated 7 chapters? Before he used to do two chapters a day that was 14 chapters a week now he only does half of what he used to do and okay he might be busy but he has 130 patreons they all payed to get 14 chapters a week along with 12 end of the month bonus release so in my opinion I think he should stick to his word what he could of done is always have extra back up chapters in case he wants to take a week off he’d already have the chapters needed for that week

      1. I agree with you George, I appreciate him for the work he is doing. But he lacks a lil bit of professionalism.

    1. I’m surprised before it was at 142 and now it’s gone down to 125 I hope it doesn’t go lower than 100 or else hellh stop posting even more because it would go back down to the old goal

  1. Webnovel will is already at chapter 140 they made a mass release of 100 chapters in 2 weeks.. Now lets do the math

    700 chapters = 3 months and 1 week to catch up with

    But with a source like this site they can do that in 1 and a half month

    1. I”m too lazy to check, but the guys commenting on it are saying that those chapters are being copy&pasted. If that’s the case, they’re actually quite slow imo.

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