BTFTLIAW – Chapter 845 – 849

Happy Thursday!

Fck me, I didn’t think my December would be this loaded :/

anyway here are your chapters :3

Chapter 845 – Great Dao Lotus Formation
Chapter 846 – Human Fueled Ship
Chapter 847 – Hell King’s Ship
Chapter 848 – Having a Meal with the Demons
Chapter 849 – A Use of the Underworld’s Dark Mist

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14 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 845 – 849

  1. UmI expecting chapters today 😭😭 when did the scedusch get so messed up? Before it was 2 chapters per day sometimes even 3 and now it’s 5 chapters every 4 days

  2. That’s the meaning of getting a girlfriend. You can forget about your old way to live with her. So expect abandoning of this series or at least the rate of release: 1 chapter per week/month.

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