BTFTLIAW – Chapter 820 – 822

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Sorry for the late chapters. I wasn’t able to find a charging station at the airport so I had to work at the hostel

Chapter 820 – The Demons Want To Send Their Troops
Chapter 821 – The Divine Race Will Collapse Soon
Chapter 822 – The Demons Enter The Space

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18 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 820 – 822

  1. i beg you just dont hand this novel over to webnovels please if you ever quite give it to anyone but them please i beg of you

  2. i feel like we will never catchup with the source. when i first read this novel, the source only have 5k+ chapter. but now its 8k+ but we havent even reach 1k

  3. There he goes lazing again.. then he will come up with some BULLSHIT excuse….. bitch pls

    just give this novel to webnovel atleast they will update 3x a day

  4. Yeah, one of those phases again. Dude, it’s your thing if you want a break for a few days, just sayn’, but please don’t just quit without notice. Usually, unregular breaks followed by ‘stupid’ excuses is the indicator that a translator is fed up with the work und will quit soon. Now, here we sometimes have these phases, where chapters drag on for a while before releases get back on track, but recently, these short breaks get more frequent and the average speed drops every time that happens.

  5. What gives me more fear is that they stop trying, it is very difficult, I have had many disappointments with other novels that stopped translating without leaving a T.T motive.

  6. I checked his patreon to see if he posted anything and he hasn’t apparently he’s still with his cousins but he posted that like 4 days ago

  7. Rember what armored raven dis be quiet and hope hes just relaxing and will compensate accordingly unlike tht parasite raven who talked sht about the ogs and basically made them quit.

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