13 thoughts on “I wasn’t feelinng well..

  1. Stop setting huge goals for your weekly translations. By stacking up past missed chapters it has created a mental burden on you. Do things at your place and enjoy it. Thank you for all your hard work and keep your chin up.

    1. I agree totally.
      Take a break and come back with an easier goal. 2 chapters per day are largelly enough.

      Thanks for all your hard work

  2. Agree. I normally see translators get burnt out when they set crazy goals. Wipe out the past goals and start a new.

    1. enserio vuelve al formato de 2 por dia descansa no te satures sino odiaras esto.( o toma el formato de 2 cap de lunes a viernes y el sabado y domingo tomalo cono dias de descanso y relagacion:)

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