BTFTLIAW – Chapter 748 – 750

Happy Monday!

Binged a novel yesterday instead of doing chapters xD Sorry about that. And for those curious, the novel is “Trash of the Count’s Family

Here are today’s chapters:

Chapter 748 – Unlocked, Magic Background
Chapter 749 – The Usage of the Magic Background
Chapter 750 – Another Prophecy

Happy Reading!

Oct.  1st wk: 7/18
Oct   2nd wk: 0/18 
Oct.  3rd wk: 0/18
Oct   4th wk: 0/18   
Oct Bonus: 0/15 

4 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 748 – 750

  1. If the chapters are kept delayed, are you certain you can reach the target?

    Only if you do 6 chaps/day at least, will you be able to meet the target.

  2. Ah, thx for the reminder. I planned to start reading it when it got to ch40 (my usual dropping point for LNs I don’t like.), but completely forgot it existed.

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