BTFTLIAW – Chapter 707 – 710

Happy Sunday!

Planned to have 6 chapters released today. But the recent patreon chapters(especially 714 & 715) made me utterly sick, first time that it happened. They’re one of the more difficult ones to work on. They’re quite good to read though.

Anyway, here are today’s chapters:

Chapter 707 – Domain
Chapter 708 – Domain War
Chapter 709 – Myriad Transformation Domain
Chapter 710 – Captured

Chapters last week: 18/18
Chapters this week: 0/33(will naturally spill over to next week xd)


Happy Reading!

6 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 707 – 710

  1. Just make it 70 chapters this week.

    You will definitely have some stock should you be unable to do on that day, while at the same time, you also fully repay the debt you incur ever since you picked this series. 😀

    1. I don’t think he’ll be able to complete even 20 given the pace and omissions. Also I guess the chapter deficit will be more than just 35 odd chapters. That being said, I appreciate the efforts being out in!

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