BTFTLIAW – Chapter 661 – 666

Happy Sunday!!

Sorry about yesterday :3 power interruption. Only managed to do these 6 in the meantime.. Also my arms are tired. XD

Chapter 661 – The Radiant Church’s Backup
Chapter 662 – Preparation Begins
Chapter 663 – Taking Two Cities at Night
Chapter 664 – Dark Creatures of the Underworld
Chapter 665 – Easily Accomplished
Chapter 666 – Officially Declaring War

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  1. What is worst in the summer?🤔
    Power interruption or water interruption.🤓😥
    I hope the sun didn’t burn up any brain cells unlike with me here. =_=
    Good luck and don’t worry about us.

  2. You are the best translator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bro, please check Novel: Chronicles of Primordial Wars’. Its a great Novel. But early the translator isnt update for 6 month :(((( . Maybe you can check the novel hehehe. Really love your work . Thanks for your hard work!

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