BTFTLIAW – Chapter 654 – 660

Happy Friday!!

I’ll post these 7 today and then catch up on the other 7 tomorrow :3

Here are the chapters:

Chapter 654 – Voiceless Soundbird
Chapter 655 – Elf Queen
Chapter 656 – Anger!
Chapter 657 – A Suspicious Great Elder
Chapter 658 – Traitors
Chapter 659 – Supreme Elder
Chapter 660 – Fixing the Elven Bow

Happy reading!

10 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 654 – 660

  1. This is the law of online promises, as old and as true as the internet. The TL that shall keep it will prosper, but the TL that shall break it must… Compensate with interest the next day >_>

  2. Well as far as I have heard the translator has power problems. kinda like no electricity for half a day. U shoulda follow Bait Seal on (Sh)/Twitter 😀 he gives updates most of the times

    1. well actually dont really use it too. but welp. better download it and get a popup on the handy if there is a release than waiting for hours and reloading the page :’D

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