9 thoughts on “Announcement: Having my laptop fixed, so no chapters today

  1. Disablse your antivirus and see if there is any difference or maybe windows is updating in the background

  2. Noooooo………!!!!!!! 😱. Thank for the information. Will came back after the chapter start been translate again. 😉.

    1. Go to task manager. Then start up look for superfetch disable it. And some stuff that is not needed for start up. Then reset the computer

  3. Start a disk clen and remove everythung that is just taking up space, I did that once and got 20% of the disk space avilable once more.

  4. Had the same problem and it ended up that my hard drive being bad so I had to replace it. Try and find a service you can use to check your hard drive for problems. I know how frustrating it can be so good luck.

  5. Dude listen superfetch is the reason it makes the disk hoes to 100% you are using window 8 or 10. Just disable it from you task manager start up. U will see the magic

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