BTFTLIAW – Chapter 473 – 478

Hohoho. End of the month!!!

I made an announcement here. But TL:DR, didn’t have time to stockpile, will go PMG release rate mode in the following days 😀 😀

Here are your chapters:

Chapter 473 – Endure!
Chapter 474 – Change in Attitude
Chapter 475 – Huge Harvests
Chapter 476 – Antimagic Powder
Chapter 477 – Acting Out of Desperation
Chapter 478 – Disgusting


10 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 473 – 478

    1. ah yes,, in addition to the end of the month thing, I should owe 22(?) chapters… those would be slowly met in the following days XD XD

      so now, i only have 16 left, with the two tomorrow, so 18, then 6 again so 12, and then 2 so 14, and so on until everything gets settled 😀 😀

  1. Thaaaank you very much!!!!!!!
    Don’t force yourself to much!! U can’t die!! If you where to die? Where will I get my bait from??!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks very much. Máster Bait, you’re my héroe. Agradezco bastante tu dedicación. Y descansa bien. No vayas a caer enfermo. Tu ritmo, ya es muy constante. Muchas gracias. (Espero no importen mis agradecimientos en Español, y veas que tus seguidores son de todas partes).

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