BTFTLIAW – Chapter 467 – 470


Sorry for the missed day, I was diagnosed by this disease called Laziness. I don’t know if you have heard of it but they told me that it looked quite serious.


Anyway here are your chapters:

Chapter 467 – Having Such a Friend is a Blessing
Chapter 468 – Goodbye To Yesterday, Hello To A Better Tomorrow

Chapter 469 – Alibi
Chapter 470 – Three-Dimensional Map

Happy Reading!!

7 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 467 – 470

  1. Wow you too! I have been dealing with this for the last 30 years. I feel since these chapters came out that the laziness might kick in and I won’t be able to go to work.

  2. Lucky you, you are obly diagnosed with laiziness, I on the other hand got the diagnos telling me that i suffer from sever laziness some years ago.

  3. Muchas gracias tío Bait. Eres el puto amo. Suerte en tu recuperación, mejoraré pronto y que tengas buena salud.

  4. after extensive research on my part i found out that the best work out there is sleeping, but the downside is that you dont get paid for it haa

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