BTFTLIAW – Chapter 440 – 442

😀 😀 Happy Monday!

Only managed to do one chapter for today.. in addition to the two meant for yesterday xd

Normal sched returns tomorrow.

Also, did someone take note about how many chapters I’ve missed?

Anyway, here are the chapters:

Chapter 440 – Deception Squad
Chapter 441 – The New Swamp
Chapter 442 – Grandly Opening the Main Entrance

Happy Reading!

8 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 440 – 442

  1. If you include the time you made promise, you’re missing at least 7 chapters.

    1. I’m just a freeloader, so i would say perhaps post the the questions to your patrons, but I think it would be fine just to skip those missed chapters due to to the circumstances.

  2. thanks for the chapters, just put out chapters you can. but if really want to know, if you were trying to do 3 chapters a day since the last day you put out 3 i think you missed 9 and i think you might have have missed 2 promised chapter from back on the 2nd of may but im not 100% sure on that.

  3. I will never say no to more chapters, as many as you can do, but truthfully, yesterday is gone & won’t come back, so don’t worry about what you missed. Rather than that, I hope you & your family are doing as well as can be under these circumstances.

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