10 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 434 & 435

  1. My condolence.
    If you’re a muslim family, it’s a complete unfortunate thing. T_T

  2. Condolences to you.. Take your time and taking a rest once in a while is better than being overworked.. ^_^

    And thanks for the constant update.. ^_^

  3. Sorry… I don’t really understand since me and my aunts almost never see each other, but I bet she was an important person for you and for that my deepest condolescences.
    Also 2 chapters a day is already too much for this situation, take it easy if you need it

    Thanks for chapters like always

  4. Dont worry. Take you time to translate it. No need to rush. I came here because i want a bait. 😁

  5. You don’t have to translate until after you aunts matter is taken care of, just give us our daily bait meme and everyone will be happy, and if you have to translate just store it up so you can do a 14 chapter release at the end of the month.

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