BTFTLIAW – Chapter 409 – 414

Happy Monday!!

It’s the end of the month! It’s bonus chapters time!!

Also, since it would take around another 5 hours if I were to post all 10 chapters today, I decided to split them up into two batches.. 6 chaps today and 6 chaps tomorrow.

Anyway, here are the end of the month bonus chapters pt. 1:

Chapter 409 – Rank Promotion
Chapter 410 – Devilish Idea
Chapter 411 – Face-Off
Chapter 412 – Recording Magic
Chapter 413 – Rock Shrimp Tribe
Chapter 414 – The Trade is Concluded

Happy Reading!

19 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 409 – 414

  1. Thanks you for the new chapter and all bonus chapter. I hope next month will be another good month for you

  2. Thank you, thank you and another thank you.
    Looking forward to another good month of translation together.😳😚😄

    1. Yes we should be because this guy is just fixing the lnmtl translation and changing sone words he’s like an editor not translator

      1. I laugh at people like you who think that “editing” takes shorter time than actual translation. Go to LNMTL and actually make every phrase, sentence, and paragraph understandable. I also thought that way in the past, but you should know that if you just skim MTL than it’ll look very easy. However, making sense of each sentence and make it somewhat flow isn’t. Also, the terms and quotes/sayings will make you shut down, especially if they aren’t very popular.

    1. hahaha tangina tatlong oras each chapter.. 2 chapters per day sa weekdays regular sched ko.. 1 chap sa weekends.. tapos may bonus chapter pa at the end of the month.. same2 lang yan sa 3 chaps per day xD ang init pa wew hahaha

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