BTFTLIAW – Chapters 313 & 314

Two chaps! Now we’re back to one chapter per day!! XD

Here are the chapters

Chapter 313 – Ruyen Purcell Enters the Stage

Chapter 314 – Meeting His First Fiancee

Quick note, I changed silkpants->dandy. I couldn’t sleep because of how awkward that word sounded in a sentence. XD

Anyway, Happy Reading!

10 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapters 313 & 314

  1. Thank you.😄
    Dandy?🤔 Well, that’s better in english than silkpants.😉 Can imagine him to.

  2. thanks for the chapter! btw, just wondering, how old was that Ruyen? previously i thought she was in early twenties but now from her behavior, she was like a spoiled teenager..

  3. Actually I think silkpants is much better than dandy in english. It conveys the meaning properly with the right amount of condescension. Dandy is just too fluffy and gay.

  4. i think either dandy or silkpants would work – playboy would also fit the description but again, silkpants just sounds like he/she/it could go anyway they want so…

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