BTFTLIAW – Chapter 353 – 359

And that wraps up March!!

Just for good measure, for those who expected 8 chapters today, 7 chapters + regular chapter. I’ll post an additional chapter tomorrow. XD

So yeah, thank you very much for reading! Here are your chapters:

Chapter 353 – Sky Water City
Chapter 354 – 13th Young Master
Chapter 355 – City Lord’s Mansion
Chapter 356 – Smith
Chapter 357 – Sweet Plum Courtyard
Chapter 358 – Megan
Chapter 359 – Plum Blossom Princess

I hope you enjoyed your March. And Cheers to a hopefully fruitful April!!

13 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 353 – 359

  1. Just don’t ever joke April Fool okay?
    Once you do that, your trust will instantly plummet.

    1. Right.
      I count that in this month, you do about 48 chapter. That’s approximately 11 chapter / month. It’s already at common QI translation speed.

      Great Job, buddy. Steadily increase into 2 chapters / day, ok.
      Hopefully, one day, this 7 chapters release will be daily routine.

  2. Thank you for great service..

    I have som great ideas that will help you will translation speed.. Can you contact me by email… No april fool..

    Happy Easter everyone

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