BTFTLIAW – Chapter 337

Happy Tuesday!

Here’s today’s chapter

Chapter 337 – Hundred Battles Fortress

Also, February Wordads earning for the website has arrived. Take a look XD


When I first saw this, I was actually too surprised instead of getting disappointed. hahaha

Thankfully we had a Patreon already set up. Or else I might have to sell some ass at night! XD jkjk or maybe not 😉

Anyway, thanks again to all the patrons on patreon as well as the people who send me donations for bonus chapters by paypal 😀

So yeah, that’s all haha.. Happy Reading!

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  1. WTF…..half a million ads for 3.32 bucks!!. Even if I turn OFF Adblock my whole life, I might not contribute more that $10. I feel so insignificant.

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