BTFTLIAW – Chapter 327-329


I just want to inform you all that the 2nd Patreon goal has been reached! Thanks to all the patrons! Clap Clap! XD

Now you’ll get double chapters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The other days will have one chapter each. And 7 chapters at the end of the month. Another Clap!

On a side note, there was a secret chapter posted on the bait page yesterday which was chapter 327 😀

Anyway here are your chapters:

Chapter 327 – Escalating Conflict (Yesterday’s secret chapter)
Chapter 328 – Power and Prestige
Chapter 329 – How did I get a stupid son?

Have a nice day and happy reading!

Edit: I saw someone ask for the bait memes. I’ll have them posted tomorrow 😀

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  1. Nice one, fella. Hope you finally reach Rainbow Turtle’s speed at 30-40 chapters / week.

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