BTFTLIAW – Chapter 310 & 311


The end of an arc and the start of a new one 😀

Enjoy your chapters!

Chapter 310 – Our Own Kingdom

Chapter 311 – Playing the Role of A Silkpants

I’m actually bothered by the word “silkpants”. If you’ve read the chapter and have some better alternatives, then feel free to suggest it on the comments :3

Happy Reading!

P.s. two chapters tomorrow as well 🙂

7 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 310 & 311

  1. Other words. Hmm… A fop? Metrosexual? A trust fund baby, fundy, or trustafundian? Narcissist? Eurotrash doesn’t quite work… How about rich bitch? Yatch snot is just about perfect, except nobody knows what it means…

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