BTFTLIAW – Chapter 304-306

I’m still alive bois. Sorry for the delays, this week hasn’t good to me XD

Here are the two chapters intended for yesterday as well as the chapter for today

Chapter 304 – Ultimate Weapon
Chapter 305 – A Splash of Cold Water
Chapter 306 – Plan

Happy Reading! 🙂


  1. Otsukare. Man.. lot had happen. but i hope there’s more about the space for the next few chapter. when will it level up!? and that appearance of demon beast.. fufufu surely it is a high level one as the beastmen were afraid of them.

    and yes i had to agree with the lighting fast part

  2. My hero is here!!!😄 Finally.😣
    Thanks for the hard work. And make sure to take care of yourself.
    Bye and see you next time.🙋

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