BTFTLIAW – Chapter 285

Happy February! Man, time flies by fast :/

Have fun reading:

Chapter 285

Anyway, for those of keen eye out there O__O, I’ve put some stuff at the side to help me pay for my internet XD

So I’ve mostly figured out my schedule after these past few days. I can do at least 5 chaps per week and then have sponsored chapters after,  for at most 10 per week. I’m an unemployed lil’ shit you see so I still need to find some kind of work ;_; But if this thing can pay for my internet and dues then we’d be pretty cool.

Please tell me in the comments about what you think. I’m just throwing the idea out there. And also how much do you think each chapter would be worth? I’m thinking of 25$ each.

So yeah, have a nice day everyone and may all of you have a great February!


13 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 285

  1. I just realized this got picked back up, Im really glad you did. I know some dont like some parts about it but i love the novel. Thanks again for picking it back up.

  2. Are you going to upload regularly or in a randam manner? Anyway why don’t you try to find someone to help it’s 7000+ (i don’t know if you will reach 300)?

    1. at the moment i’ll upload at either 11am or 11pm gmt+8.. i’ll at least do 300 but 7000 seems too far.. many factors may happen during that time.. but i’ll do my best

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