BTFTLIAW – Chapter 280 & 281

Hello everyone!

Some of you may know me for my DE summaries a while back, some may not.

Bringing the Farm was one of the first novels that I’ve read with MTL voraciously along with Swallowed Star, even before it came to Lnmtl. I’ve reached up until the end of the current arc(beastman war arc) which is about chapter 300. So when I saw that nobody was currently translating the novel I decided to step in.

So here they are, please do comment or contact me if you find some peculiarities or errors:

Chapter 280

Chapter 281

DISCLAIMER: These are MTL. I got the raw from LMTL. I used the default LNMTL translation, google translate, bing translate, systranet, and SDL translate to correlate and added some magic dust of imagination and context to make it readable and understandable.

I’ll most likely make a summary about the prior happenings but I still don’t know from which chapter to start but it won’t be from chapter 1, fuck that XD

I’m also planning to compile a glossary for the characters because I myself have also forgotten some of them >_>

So yeah, I hope we see each other for a long time. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

P.S. i’m also doing this because I’m feeling good and it’s my birthday on the 27th. So if you want to greet me, or tell me to fuck off, or to suck a huge dick, or give me virtual kisses :*, feel free to write them in the comments.

P.P.S. If QI wants me to stop just send me a mail :*


49 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 280 & 281

  1. Nice one, buddy.
    Previous translator completely wrecked everything.
    Had he never forcefully taken over, BTFTLIAW would’ve definitely reached more than 400 chapters.

    1. never really followed up on the novel so i never knew about this drama, i visited the NU page and noticed that it hasn’t been updated in three months. So i thought “might as well give it a crack”

      1. Thankyou for picking this up, I thought this might have been scrapped and never picked back up.

    2. Too true, they showed up out of nowhere, forcefully took it over, tried too start from scratch and gave up around ch 40 then started from where they told the other guys too stop.

  2. Hey, thanks a bunch for picking this novel up. Had been waiting a while for raven to continued translating after he took over. Anyhow, happy early birthday.

  3. Obrigado por traduzir esse romance, eu realmente estava a espera de que alguém traduzir á muito tempo.
    Desejo para você ótimas conquistas em sua vida, muitas mulheres e muito dinheiro, e caso você estiver excesso de mulheres e dinheiro compartilha comigo XD

  4. Hello, Thank you for picking up BTFTLIAW
    God sent an Angel to us hehe

    Suggestion, dont bother about perfecting the quality of the translation
    as long as its readable its fine since
    BTFTLIAW have huge amount of chapters so speed is the key.

  5. Dear Sir, Im not a gay man so I can only express my love for this birthday pressant with my words. From the bottom of om Heart I thank you. I have loved to plow throught, chap, after chap. Only to hit a dead end about July 2017. What followed was the 2 longest months. Waiting, payciently for a new chap. only to again, left waiting. Again for 2 months. And now to see 3 chaps, 2 released on my Birthday (26 of Januar) and one more chap on the following day. This truly is the best way to start the year 2018. If i ever get the chance, I own y a big bear hug. Thank Y, Thank Y. I know this is my own vanatie talking, but could i ask if y have a release shedule planned. with X chaps a week/month.
    Best Regards
    A fan in Denmark (Thomas)

  6. amigo muchas gracias por continuar la novela, feliz cumple años y feliz año nuevo y feliz navidad

  7. This was always a novel that I wanted to read but when I went to the informations of the novel uodates and saw
    Status in CCO: 7000+ chapters (ongoing)
    Release rate: almost a chapter per mounth
    And that the translation was on less than 300 chapters I always lose the will to read it
    So someone that will translate with a good rate is one of the best news, thank you
    P.S.: Virtual kiss for you sent :*
    P.S.2: I like your translation very much but I have to confess that when someone asks to tell them to f**k himself if I want to I kind of start wanting to say it… but I wont since you are my savior

    1. And happy birthday!

      Famous birthday quote: “The cake is a lie”
      Wait.. Anyway: happy birthday!

  8. thank you so much for picking this up. I really like to read this. I use Google translate to read this but I can’t understand

  9. Thank you so much for doing this. Please do me a favor and just continue the novel. Although 7 or 14 chapters a week are awesome, as long as you have a stable release rate and don’t give up halfway without passing the bar I will love you. Love you long time.

  10. Thank you for picking it up.. i only saw it today.. i dropped it after that last translator went and forcefully took it over. So thank you. Wishing you a happy belated birthday

  11. Thank you so much for picking this up, i was already on the verge of making my own mtl edits when i saw yours go up i thought good on you mate! Many blessings to you and may you always have free time to translate! 😀

  12. Wow, over 10 chapters in such a short time? Thank you so much for reviving this project, the recent translator is a real rude fella that loves to play the victim and pick on others works. (For Kalimdor did an awesome job before he stepped in and wrecked it all..)
    Thank you so much, I’m really enjoying this story and i want to know how it will turn out in the long run, keep up the good work!
    And thank you once again for picking it up from the grave. 🙂

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